Rack Mount Cases

19 Inch Racking – Origin

19 inch rack mounts originate from the mounting systems for railroad signalling relays, which is why they are also called relay racks. However 19 inch rack mount has become a constant for mounting any form of electronic technology for a wide range of different industries.

19 Inch Racking – Its Use

19 inch rack mounts are are widely used in computing, entertainment, telecommunication,  audio and other industries. to house computer server equipment, professional audio and audio visual equipment. amplifiers, effects units, interfaces, audio mixers, servers, CD, MP3 and DVD players. Also large racks allow dense hardware configurations to be arranged without occupying excessive floor space.

 Rackmount Rail measurements

Rack Units

 A rack unit is a measurement used to describe the height in a rack. One rack unit is equivalent to 1.75″ (44.45 mm) in height. For example 2U =3.5″.These U’s are referred to when choosing rack equipment, because devices such as rack drawers and rack shelves will be certain U heights e.g. 2U, 3U, 4U etc.
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19 Inch Rack Accessories:

  • 19 inch Rack Shelves used to support non rack mount able electronic equipment inside rack enclosures and rack cases.
  • 19 inch Rack Drawers used to support and secure non rack mount able electronic equipment.
  • 19 inch Rack Panels used to fill space within racks or house electronic connectors, available in a range of sizes and styles.
  • 19 inch Rack Rail used to support rack equipment.
  • Rack Mount Fasteners which include screws and offset washers used to attach rack mountable equipment to rack enclosures and rack cases.